C de F Photography offers a variety of services to meet client’s wishes, these can be from a basic photographic session at home, within the client’s own environment to a full studio or outdoor setting with other models and props. Recording that special occasion or celebration for lasting memories to share.
Any theme of any kind can be approached, as long as the client is happy and comfortable, as well as portfolios for professional usage.
Due to the nature of the work involved in some cases, a complete estimate may not be available before the initial consultation, however we will endeavour to supply, in the majority of cases, an estimate following the clients’ requirements.
The main structure of the tariff is calculated around the quantity of  exposures required at the photographic session, which will be the minimum charge, then depending on the client’s wishes, the final amount to be paid will be calculated, thus completing a full package tailored made to the client’s requests.
The basic prices include a full photographic session at base in France, during which either 12, 24, 36, 48 or 72 exposures will be used including processing with a 12” x 10” contact sheet. On location photographic sessions are also catered for.
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